Saturday, December 5, 2009

Life-changing PALS

My life-changing cert

This symbolizes my guts to confront all my fears, inhibitions, grudges, secrets and other negative emotions, and cry in front of people I barely know. This serves as a reminder that I'm no longer "weak".  There were people in the past who told me (I forgave them already, just in case you're curious.) that I should stop trying to be more than what I'm not. I  said, "No. Perhaps you insisted on seeing me as 'less' and refused to see me grow." I believe no woman, or man, deserves to be seen with limited vision... Not by anyone, especially by someone who apparently could use a little more effort to be better in more ways than one.

There are those who choose to waste time, energy, and spiritual lightness in superficial blabber, hatred, hurtful words. They could say it upfront or do the classic doble-cara. Either way, I just don't get it. Really. Sometimes, I really wonder what it is they get out of bashing others. More than the act being rather juvenile, the world already is cold, turning colder by the second, as it is. I don't understand why there still are souls who opt to view things with such limited, reductionary, exclusivist vision. Don't they feel the weight of such negative energy in their aging souls? Can't they feel it in their bones? I'm sure  they're mature enough to be familiar with the concept of karma. Well.

This cert serves as...

... a witness of how I cried and poured my heart out to people I barely know.

... a witness of how I decided to let go of my fears and just face tomorrow with new hope.

... a witness of how I chose to be a go-getter rather than be complacent.

... a witness of how I finally let out my darkest secrets without fear of being ridiculed or pitied upon.

... a witness of how I decided to be happy and love myself inspite  all the imperfections and shortcomings.

... a witness of how overwhelmed I was with the support and love my parents have given me through the years.

... a witness of how I chose to see the good in every person I meet rather than focusing on their bad side. 

... a witness of how I learned that suffering is optional.

... a witness of my decision to embrace positivity.

I would never forget that 3-day life-changing seminar. It was an eye-opener. 

I would never forget the day when I came home as a newborn me. 

Thank you, PALS!


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