Monday, December 21, 2009

The boyfriend's fave lunch: Mang Inasal

Give and take. That's the essence of a happy relationship.

If I were to choose between Pinoy and Italian, I'd choose the latter without batting an eyelash. Sure, pasta instead of rice. Quick choices vary from Jollibee's Pinoy-style spaghetti (very spaghettiest indeed), Greenwich's beefy lasagna (hope the serving will beef up too), Sbarro's baked ziti (I'm fine with half-serving), World Chicken's pastas (They all taste the same, from Asian noodles to spaghetti pomodoro. I dunno why.) to Kooky & Luscious' seafood pasta (simply tasty).

But lo and behold, the boyfriend (GG in previous posts) is no Italian food fan. Sad. He's very Pinoy. His all-time favorite lunch hang-out is none other than... Mang Inasal!

Mark Bautista + chicken inasal = addiction to Mang Inasal. Just so you know, he is the current endorser of this fast-growing chicken inasal resto. There's nothing wrong in admiring homegrown Pinoy singers such as Regine Velasquez. Guilty here! The boyfriend, on the other hand, likes Mark Bautista. Makes sense.

Mang Inasal in KPMG Center along Ayala Avenue is worthy enough to waste your lunch breaks. If you're so hair conscious, then skip going to Mang Inasal. Your hair will definitely smell of grill smoke after. Oh well, c'est la vie. On top of my head, here are our joint list of reasons why Mang Inasal is worth 4 out of 5 spoons verdict:

1) Paborito meals (PM) with unlimited rice (Calling the attention of carbo-loaders out there)
2) Krispy kangkong with mayo dip (This is my fave wayyy back Baste law days.)
3) Their sort-of unlimited supply of Kimberly-Clark tissues on your table and toothpicks
4) Unlimited free water
5) Their chicken oil which you can drizzle over your steamy rice
6) Rice wrapped in banana leaves
7) A bowl/sink where you can wash your hands (Complete with hand soap and dryer)
8) Clean, wooden tables and benches (Something different, don't ya think?)
9) Complimentary sinigang soup
10) Two pieces of barquillos on top of their halo-halo (Haven't tried this yet, but it's too generous of them to do that, right? Does Chowking or Goldilock's have that? Nah.)
11) A flat TV/ prompter with their promo ad (The guy who demonstrated the Pinoy style of eating using your hands and drizzling chicken oil over rice is too funny. He reminds me of Batibot and Chikiting Patrol. Looks like he's teaching a toddler. Hahaha!)
12) Customer-friendly prices. Need I say more?

No wonder why the boyfriend loves Mang Inasal.

Oh, just a minor caveat, if it's your unlucky day, be patient enough to wait for 5-10 minutes for your orders. Their chicken inasal is served hot off the grill. Okay, I understand that.

One more, I remember a couple of weeks back that they ran out of Pinoy spaghetti (menu level-up, huh?). Bummer. I settled by watching the boyfriend savored his PM pecho, while I sit there, sulking that if food chains are not responsible enough to cope up with the demand of what's written in their menus, then they should, please, put a sign "Not available" on the affected food items. How hard is that, right?

Anyway, it only took me a few deep breaths to move on. Hahaha!

Pictures to follow.


Bigger Than My Body said...

Sinulat mo lang ito dahil sinabi ko. Kung hindi naman parang wala lang. Kahit nga sa 100 random things mo hindi ako kasama. Baka pa nasa pang 1100 lang ako. Buti pa ang mga ex. Hay naku!

JAZz it up! said...


Bigger Than My Body said...

Tingnan mo, title pa lang hindi na 'ko ginaganahan "The boyfriend..." Hindi man lang first person. Ang sakit naman nun

JAZz it up! said...

Wushu! Emo.