Monday, December 21, 2009

Where's Baby Jesus?

After lunch, the boyfriend and I went up to St. Michael's Chapel located at the 6th floor of, where else but, PBCom Tower. It was my second time to be there. My first time was last December 8, Mama Mary's birthday. For someone who is going to celebrate her  one year as a corporate refugee in the country's tallest skyscraper (Is it still? I'm not quite sure.) in January 12, 2010, that's pathetic. Genuine pathetic.  I plan to compensate my poor attendance by visiting this chapel next year. I don't know yet the frequency of visits, but I'll make a mental pledge for the sake of my faith's health. Wow, something new.

Genuflect, give thanks, pray for family's safety and ask for... Okay, I'll stop. My personal prayers are not for public consumption, sorry. Please understand.

The chapel has a homey feel. I feel like I'm home.  Guilty feelings came rushing in. I used to be very devoted to my faith, but something happened at the start of the 2nd quarter that made my faith wavered a bit. Just a bit. It can be easily cured, straightened, and I'll be back on track. Promise. For me, the homey feel was a start.

St. Michael the Archangel statue welcomes the faithfuls

The welcome chairs and a side table full of holiday decors

With PBCom logo, beat that huh?

The altar

The entire chapel space, I guess. Hey, look closer. The boyfriend was seriously praying.

The nativity scene a.k.a belen from afar

Oh wait, our 20/20 vision served as a telescope to figure out something's missing. True enough, there was something missing.

Where's Baby Jesus?

We can't help but smile at this point. With all due respect to our holy Catholic faith and anything holy about this place, we just can't escape the little  smile that the missing Baby Jesus, literally, brought us. Where is he? Where's the Divine Infant? Here are my theories:

1) Someone stole the figurine. Whether it's a bad, bad reflex  of a klepto or someone find the figurine too cute, it's still stealing. Period.
2) It dropped off from the floor, broken into pieces, and the chapel's caretakers couldn't find a replacement. I doubt though because the floor's carpeted.
3) Baby Jesus will be placed only on the 25th of the month, since that's his birthday. Is that it?

However, cheesy as it sounds, I think it's a sign. Pardon me, I'm a giant mushball. A sign that I have to find Jesus all over again. I have stumbled which caused  me to lie low in Christ's domain. I admit that. But really, deep down, I have faith. To answer the question, I guess Baby Jesus still resides in my heart. I'm a mushball. Gotta go!

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