Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fling with Google

 Google's the man!

It has been three whole months with barely nothing work-related to do. From April to September, I was in a relationship with my work, down times included. 

Relationship means commitment and dedication to Citrix, and I did my fair share. Then the relationship was cut off. There's no reason to panic yet. It's just an official lull, whatever.  

Of course, I hate being idle, so I searched for a fling. No commitment. If you're with a fling, you enjoy the moment because the moment might not last. You can easily turn your back on it. Bottomline, just enjoy. 

I found a fling in Google. Yehey, reliable so far. Google takes away my boredom. A perfect characteristic of a fling! For now, I'll just enjoy the ride... wherever Google will take me... to Never Never Land, perhaps? 

And since Google is just a fling, I don't mind sharing him (He's the man, right?) to others. Click here if you're in need of a fling, too.

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