Thursday, December 24, 2009

My First Snow Experience

Caveat: Although it's not falling snow, and, we're not dressed in parkas, boots and mittens, it's my first encounter with real snow... on the ground!

I used to think that Filipinos are the only group of people whose innate hospitality is legendary all over the world. Geez, I was proven wrong when I got addicted to reading historical romance paperbacks  in college in which I was introduced to Southern hospitality. For more in-depth hindsight of such topic, click here.

It was fall season when we arrived in Old Dominion, and we learned that a couple of days before we arrived, there was a snowfall. That started our clamor to see real snow! Brian Yost, the training lead at LexisNexis, showed us what Southern hospitality is. It was so nice of him to drive us all up to the Blue Ridge Mountains area where Wintergreen Resort is located.

It happened last April 11, 2009 at Wintergreen Resort in Central Virginia. I googled Wintergreen Resort and, true enough, every day is snowday there!

First snowball throw

Purpose of our snow dance: Let it snow, let it snow!

Biting cold... I.. am.. not.. kidding.. Brrr...

More snowballs to form

With Brian Yost

Oh I see. Wintergreen is perfect for snow skiing!

I'm looking forward to my first falling snow experience. Who knows when? All I know is, life is full of surprises!

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