Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Thoughts Exactly

I'll hit 30 next year. 

I wonder if  I have already reached the "end of the line"?  I guess not. Because if I have, then I wouldn't have to wonder, I would just know.
I'll just enjoy the ride, and I am going to enjoy the same. I will think of positive thoughts while on board. I will not even entertain a hint of remorse why I have chosen this ride. I will go my own way. It's my life, and what I think of myself is my choice. 

I used to wish I'm 30. Next year is my year. 30 is the age I've been wanting all my twentysomething life. When I was still a 23-year-old courtroom drama fan, I imagined how ladies in their 30's got to do things with confidence and without hesitation. Oh man,  ain't that cool?
One thing I learned in this lifetime is that even with the purest intentions I have in my heart, I am still to blame for every screw-up in my simple yet dramatic life. And just when I think I couldn't possibly sink any lower, I go ahead and surprise myself.

At this point, I bid adieu to my doubts, hesitations and to all repulsive beings out there who will jeopardize my noble thoughts en route to success.

And, God forbid, if all else fails, age is but a number.

My heart goes out to Jenna Rink! :)

I am tempted to make this blog entry longer, but decided to behave like a grown-up. (big grin)

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Zayda said...

did u make a 30 must-do list before turning 30???? i have mine pero parang di ko ata kakayanin lahat hahahahaha Goodluck Ms. J.. God bless