Monday, December 21, 2009

One lazy dusk at Food Patio

The elevator says "ding", and voila! The oh-so familiar signage will greet you.

This yummy combo kept us company while observing twilight. Not the book because I've had enough. The muffin is the boyfriend's favorite, while the shake is mine. I find the maxi muffin's shape hilarious. I'm serious.

Country Style's maxi muffin and Big Chill's mango meditation

In the garden area, Christmas songs are blaring out of huge speakers. I'm not kidding. But me likey! We even heard Jolina Magdangal's version of "Sana Ngayong Pasko", an Ariel Rivera hit way, way back. Curious why I mentioned this? I'm proud that my uncle is the genius behind the music and lyrics of this classic Christmas song.

Lovin' the al fresco concept

After eating and talking about life (I'm a bad liar), we decided to go back to the office. The Christmas lights and star lanterns were more than enough to remind me that Christmas is just a few days away. Dreamy sigh.

 Ok, it's Christmas. Got it.

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