Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday happiness is made of this

Sunday lunch is something we all look forward to.

Grilled tilapia with chili-toyo-mansi dip is a favorite way back our Malolos days. Just looking at it makes me hungry again.

We all love vegetables. It's a prevailing fact that kids nowadays are choosy when it comes it eating vegetables. I'm proud to say that my folks didn't encounter any single moment of forcing a child to eat his or her veggies on the plate.  We're wise enough to know that vegetables are good for us. So here's ensaladang talong that I've requested a few days back. Just right, no onions. I'm no onion lover, sorry.

And thumbs up for ginataang gulay!

As I was taking shots of the usual ingredients of my Sunday happiness, I could smell the yummy combo of chicken and lechon kawali in the turbo roaster. My mouth then started to water. Can't wait to taste the chicken skin. Without doubt, it's life's little piece of heaven on our kitchen.

Here's the lechon kawali, waiting to be butchered by my brother Popo.

There it is.. my favorite chicken part waiting for my gastronomical verdict! Hold on, thigh!

And there's still room for leche flan in my growing tummy pooch...

Without doubt, Sunday lunch is totally the best lunch of our family's week.

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