Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fing Ting's Exclusive Christmas Parteeeh!

Finally, finally, after weeks of exchanging SMS and FB stats, the Fing Ting exclusive party (pronounced as par-teeeh) pushed through. It actually coincided with the Fraternal Order of Leviathan Christmas party, but, what the heck, we're happier with our very own. All the Fing Ting members will surely agree with me that no amount of sweetness could ever, ever kill the inherent bitterness of mother bitter gourd, and that life is too short to hate someone. 'Nuff said.

Holiday traffic is not a problem when our common goal is to have fun. Here are the details which kept appearing on my inbox for almost a month:
What: Fing Ting get-together (dinner & videoke)
Where: Trinoma
When: December 19, 2009
Why: Duh? Gossippers unite!
How: Taxi?
And here's the mind-blowing caveat:  
MVP will pull your FT!

For the sake of world peace, I opt not to ashame ourselves to the netizens out there, so please deal with my abbrevs.

Choosing a resto proved to be a challenge. Rhea is allergic to seafood. Victoria and I repeatedly said no to restos offering Pinoy dishes such as Gerry's Grill, Abe, Krokodile Grille and Seafood Island, so it narrowed down our list. I specifically told them that Cyma will be a disappontment. For the record, my other group of law school buddies ate at Cyma a few months ago, and we stopped at appetizer only. Luckily though, my fellow FTs found Cyma so serious for our bonding.

Finally, finally, we had dinner at Cibo. Italian food really is my favorite! It may be a little pricey but I had a good dining experience there last year in its Greenbelt 5 branch. My first Cibo experience was a remarkable way to end my mental battle in Gokongwei building last year. Hmmm.

Cibo's spinach zola... looks like Oishi's bread pan but yummy!

With seafood and beef pasta (I forgot their official Italian names, sorry.) and lemon and mint iced teas

After dinner, we strolled in the open-air area of the mall. Trinoma is brightly decorated with yellow-lit parols.

 Mga babae sa PAROLa

Below are my age-defying, wacky shots.

My moo.. Holy cow!

Astronaut: I need space.

Finally, finally, it's videoke time. We went first to Red Box, but P399 per head seems to be so pricey for our 2-hour vocal prowess. Heck. We came into a consensus that videoke will be at Time Zone's Music Zone. It totally reminds us of a time space warp and a doll house.

Welcome to our doll house!

Singer wannabes and, take note, no alcohol this time around!

Issa: We'll sing all the songs tonight!

All we want for Christmas is... go figure!

Bravo PNS! (Ooops, don't ask.)

Official swiper

Da Chuwariwap girls with lead vocalist Victoria

Singing Leona Lewis' Better in Time (emo mode)

After 48 years, Mrs. Luces came, fresh from her office's Christmas party! Woohoo!

Gimme five!

Mean Girls meet Gossip Girls

Finally, finally, after all the videoke hype which ended at 12:30 a.m., we decided to call it a night. But taxi lines were full of tired Christmas shoppers waiting for their queues, so we opted to linger at Starbucks. Mean Girls meet Gossip Girls. A festive exchange of life's colorful experiences. To put it bluntly, chismis galore! Ignore the self-imposed curfew, that's the thing. We went home at around 3 a.m.

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