Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Weekend of June

Alongside with my Elle Woods dream - uber excited for Legally Blonde, The Musical at the Meralco Theater - and the start of the rainy season, I spent the first weekend of June with the BF. It was quite wonderful that I got to experience once again the usual weekend stuff which I deprived myself of from the time "The law is reason free from passion" haunts me. So there.

Finally, after weeks of mentally salivating over this seemingly popular fantasy-adventure film, we watched Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time at SM Megamall last Friday Night. I am no video game fanatic but I really enjoyed the movie. 

Food & Film Friday: Tokyo Tokyo's Sumo Beef Bowl (beef misono with prawn & veggie tempura), california maki & red iced tea & Prince Dastan-Princess Tamina-Nizam film poster

Then came a surprisingly cool Saturday night. After a sweltering summer with temperatures shooting up to 38 degrees, the night was comparable to a soothing balm. So I was inspired to whip up another "pacham" (read: kitchen invention). My kitchen invention this time around is made up of chayote (or pear squash if you wanna sound starched), carrots and ground pork.

A dinner of sauteed chayote & carrots and pork chops (lovingly marinated by the BF) spells Y-U-M.

Sunday means the much-awaited visit to the much-awaited abode. Loads of excitement filled the air, mind you.

Three more months...

Let the June flag fly high!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oreo Cookie Nostalgia

So while I was trying to squeeze myself through a packed MRT ride (it's rush hour, dear), my gaze turned to somebody who was texting so seriously as if she had her own e-bubble wrap from the outside world. Mind you, I find it amusing because that unsmiling lady was still texting despite the fact that she barely made it to the automatic closing vis-a-vis the warning sound emitted by the MRT. Tsk. That led me to remember the word "jejemon", although I had no way of finding out if that lady was laughing "jeje" while texting. Fact: I cringe at the mere mention of that word. But then a  mental wordplay ensued. Jejemon. Pokemon. Mon short for monster. Cookie monster. Aha! Cookie! 

So I bought one of my favorite cookies of all time - Oreo cookies! I used to consume a lot of them during my younger years. Lo and behold, the thought made me smile. I'm fully aware that sometimes we just have to pay tribute to our younger days. Since I love to take snapshots of anything that made me happy, I arranged the cookies in a saucer for a quick photo shoot.

Oreo cookies in a "floral arrangement"

Clockwise from top: strawberry creme, chocolate creme, classic creme and double delight flavors (peanut butter & chocolate)

Who would have thought that a monster (pun intended) would make me feel nostalgic and happy as well? :)