Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shift in presidency: From GMA to Ate Glow

If there's one topic I'm fascinated with, it's girl power.

In our fast-paced society, women are often treated as the weaker sex. Duh. Those people might as well think again, or shake their heads and bang the same in the walls for enlightenment. How about that, huh?

My list of women whom I greatly admire is definitely for public consumption. But as I became more mature and more aware of the ills of society, my list is getting shorter. 

I used to admire Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, one of the most powerful women this godsforsaken country has ever had. Yes, she's not in my list anymore. I'm not bothered if all opposition members will poke a gun at her everytime she makes a public engagement, or if her critics make fun of her via silly effigies. With all the bloopers (e.g. blatant display of graft and corruption, politicking, cuddling of war lords, favoritism and the list goes on as far as your eyes can see... Yeah, that's how pathetic this country is under her "capable" hands) her administration has committed, GMA, as she is popularly known, would make a good substitute to "Ate Glow" --- her most funny impersonator to date.

Below are some of the satirical photos of "Ate Glow".

Hmmm... tell that to the marines.

Imelda to GMA: Magpalit ka nga ng shampoo.

Onli in da Pilipins: High school studes posing as politicians

Ate Glow's sideline if she loses in the 2010 congressional bid

GMA (thinking): Amin! Amin ang Pampanga!

From GMA to Ate Glow to Cong? Let's wait and stand by for this alleged pride of the cabalens.

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