Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two thumbs up for Avatar

Human ♥ Humanoid... Would that be possible in 2154?

I will not attempt to do an extensive movie review of Avatar.

Prior to this blog entry, I consulted my fling* for added knowledge. Just so you know, I like details. Check out CBC News movie review of James Cameron's blockbuster film Avatar. If you're a sucker for details like yours truly, then click here for Wikipedia's version.

There are two major, classic concepts which are apparent in the movie.
  1. War between good and evil; and
  2. Love against all odds.
I am not a sci-fi fan, but Avatar is really worth every centavo you paid. All streaks of your varicose veins while lining up to get a ticket will be well compensated. The people inside the cinema were all cheering and clapping their hands when Pandora resident Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) struck the power-hungry Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang) who was about to kill Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) in a combat scene. Yes, the classic concept of good winning over the evil. Regarding the love story of Jake and Neytiri, the following scenes are quite unforgettable:
  1. When they shared a tender moment in the thick forest of Pandora. Know what? I was then curious if James Cameron will actually make a real love scene between a human and a humanoid. In all Hollywood films, it's likely common to include a lovemaking scene when there are prior scenes portraying the build-up of emotions and excitement. In Titanic, there was. Not explicit though. Good thing he didn't include one in Avatar because it would be very unlikely for a human and an alien to have sex, and it will gross me out for sure! Kissing and hugging are fine. Hahaha!
  2. When Neytiri and the human version of Jake finally meet. It was sweet. Love is blind, blah-blah. Ooops, let me correct that. Love is not blind; it sees but it does not mind.
There are scenes in the movie which I find too funny, and I think  those were done on purpose, just  to equalize the level of emotions.
  1. The worship scene of the Na'vi people in the forest.  It looks like they hired a choreographer for that "sway-there, sway-here" moves just to appease Mother Eywa. Hahaha! 
  2. The weird appearances of Pandora's fauna like: (a) cousin of triceratops with floral headdress as its defense mechanism, (b) multi-colored flying animals which remind me of the dinosaur era, (c) jellyfish shaped floating thingie, (d) cross-breed of zebra and horse which makes me wonder if we, humans, could actually come up with that. I remember one Science teacher way back elementary that zebras are closely related to horses; and (e) the black, scary-looking counterpart of our dogs. I could almost hear the Baha Men's "Who Let the Dogs Out?" on the background. Who? Who?
  3. How about the Pandora humanoids' hair ends (reminds me of split ends) which they connect to their pet animals for some sort of a bond? Very clever!
James Cameron is the best! He's the sole reason why Titanic is one of my all-time favorites. And now, I will definitely add Avatar to my list.

*Google (See previous entry.)

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