Wednesday, December 23, 2009


"It's a damn cold night,
Trying to figure out this life."  
     ~ Avril Lavigne's I'm With You

LSS strikes again. Honestly, I can't remember where I last heard that song. It was my national anthem a few years back, when I was patiently highlighting my posture correctors, otherwise known as thick law books, with anything neon. The emo song was then very perfect for my mood swings. Sometimes, I love the life I was then leading, and sometimes I hate it with no clear reason.

Love and hate. When love and hate collide. Mushy, silly song. I'd  better stop.

The topic sounds like fun, so behold the list that goes with it.

I hate...
  1. the fact that my emotions can run wild without getting permission from me, meaning, my level-headed self
  2. missing the bus for one second
  3. the willfully ignorant people
  4. the lousy liars
  5. that I can't seem to wake up at 7 a.m. on the dot
  6. flying cockroaches
  7. when I forgot to buy dental flossers
  8. when the movie everyone is so raving about turns out to be a copycat 
  9. when my desktop malfunctions
  10. grumpy cashiers
  11. blisters
  12. dry hands
  13. getting old
  14. too many zits in the morning
  15. the fact that I can't eat balut as many as I want
  16. the undisciplined bus drivers along EDSA
  17. Philippine politics
  18. Mr./Ms. Know-it-all
  19. iPod that says "Connect to power"
  20. fresh blood when I'm about to take a bite of my chicken
  21. people stepping on my feet without saying "sorry"
I love...
  1. YOU! Thanks for dropping by.
  2. pasta (spaghetti, fettucini, penne etc)
  3. short nails
  4. clean toes
  5. nice, genuine smile 
  6. innocent stares of kids
  7. extra salt and catsup on my Mcdo & Jollibee take-out meals without me asking for them
  8. brown and red rice
  9. open-toe sandals 
  10. getting complimented on an outfit
  11. dancing when no one is watching
  12. singing to my heart's content
  13. when my mother is in a good mood
  14. when my favorite songs are played and the same matched my mood right there and then
  15. out-of-town trips
  16. white beach
  17. plants, trees or anything foliage
  18. colorful flowers
  19. thoughful SMS from old friends
  20. Johnson's milk bath
  21. Estrel's caramel cake
  22. butterscotch
  23. baked potatoes with cheese overload
  24. green mango with sweet-spicy bagoong
  25. cold seedless grapes
  26. San Mig Light
  27. a good book
  28. cheap but pretty tops
  29. the fact that my LOVE list is longer than the HATE list
  30. Starbucks coffee jelly frap
It's obvious that both are random lists. I write as I think. No second thoughts.


Bigger Than My Body said...

Tingnan mo, wala na naman. Both lists, wala ako. Hay naku.

JAZz it up! said...

All the #1s pertain to you. Adik! Bugbog!