Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Free words

Blogs. Is this where the free words are? 

Only now do I know that all the visions and hallucinations you have, till the eternal one fills and so closes your eyes are nothing but further information about your dreams. Dreams may or may not come true. There are things that you see that are as provisional as words themselves, temporary perceptions that last till you know what’s really there. Ah, silly me. Wow, free words.

So, there are times people would remember. But there must have been a time when memory and forgetting were the same. I don’t ask for much, just for the people I love to be loyal to me. I’m not asking for the impossible here. I’m not gonna delude myself into thinking that everything’s gonna be perfect. I wouldn’t want this to be any other way, but there is one thing I wish — I wish I could take a break. I’m tired (or I’m just plainly lazy, whatever). In fact, if you want to think of me as sitting here (thinking about it now, a muscle starts to stir… you never can tell when it will, huh?) and not going anywhere really (just reading, like you), you can do that. Memories are motionless, anyway.

There are many more things I have to tell you about me and my roving jewel of a mind (or sometimes a slow mind, slower than the flow of maple syrup during early mornings of December… yep, for my fave pancakes!), but I’m gonna save most of them for some other time, or not tell them at all. When you have so many words, some of them are just bound to be lies.

In the meantime, I’m just gonna take my chances and well, God willing, try to make them count. Dude... bilog ang mundo!

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