Friday, December 25, 2009

Random Cheap Finds for Nikki

I'm a firm believer that looking good does not mean one has to buy expensive clothes at the mall. My sister Nikki has been bugging me for new clothes. And what better way to fulfill a teenager's simple wish without digging deeper into my wallet? Go to Divisoria!

Aside from Greenhills and St. Francis Square, Divisoria is a cheap shopper's dream. It's where you can find random cheap finds without ruining your budget. All you need is a talent for haggling and keen eye for chic yet inexpensive clothes. Just wanna share the cheap treasures we found in the heart of Divisoria. My sister gamely posed for me. Hahaha!

Purple party dress with sequined top (P170) with fancy heart-shaped bronze necklace (P30)

Tri-colored party dress (P170) with fancy bronze necklace (P50)

Purple tee with silver lips print (P75) paired with checkered gray mini-shorts (P65)

Baby tees are pretty cheap in Divisoria, 2 for P150. Also, mini-shorts are 2 for P130. Amazing! I love simple, shallow things.

Gray-striped fitted dress (P170) with fancy bronze necklace (P50)

Fancy necklaces (P50 & P30 only)

Total cost for Nikki's clothes is only P730. Instant happiness!

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