Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fing Ting

Madam Carissa's treat at Starbucks-The Loop, April 2008
(Maria Victoria, Carissa & moi)

Lunch buffet at Tramway Timog, June 2008
(Joycelle, Maria Victoria, Rhea & moi)

This was taken at ATC's Cabalen (January 2009) where the newlyweds Edison & Ems had a simple gathering for friends and family after their civil wedding. From left: Mrs. Edison Luces, Joycelle, Rhea, moi & Maria Victoria

The Fing Tings will have its Christmas reunion later at Trinoma. Looking forward to lotsa food and videoke, and a couple of beers perhaps.

We're officially done with law school. Some of us had taken the bar already. Some are waiting for the dreaded results next year. We've been through different levels of maturity while in law school. We endured the Socratic method, sometimes embarrasing or amusingly weird, of learning law. We fell in love, and we had our hearts badly broken. Now, three of us are now in happy relationships, myself included. One is happily married, and I'm proud to say I'm the couple's matchmaker. One is still patiently waiting for Mr. Right. One has just broke up with his boyfriend for 5 years, I think. I don't really like the guy, so it's okay.

I could go on rambling about the exciting lives we lead... but I gotta go!

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