Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pac-Mom Spoofs

Dionesia Pacquiao... Aling Dionesia... Mommy D!

Who would have thought that a vegetable peddler who labored so hard to feed her kids will turn out to be a celebrity mom? The gods must have favored her so much that million bucks came pouring in from the hard punches of her son. Before we know it, she's now a celebrity herself! Aside from designer gowns and LV bags (from bayong to LV? Lucky hands, don't you think?), she appears on TV dressed to the nines, does ballroom dancing and now has a movie with Erap. Okay, just to refresh our memory, Erap is our former president. His term will always be remembered and, I bet, future generation will be asked in their history classes who Jose Velarde is. Pretty shameful. On the other hand, I love watching Mommy D on TV with her funny Bisayan twang. She never fails to make me laugh. 

Move over, Megan Fox!

This can't be. Eric Bana is mine!

In fairness, Mommy D's cleavage is worth every guy's while compared to Nene's (played by Erich Gonzales). Hahaha!

For Horny Men


Watching her is a sure-fire way to beat stress.

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