Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Peace Treaty Signed at Superbowl of China

The war lasted for five (5) days. I had my fair share of sleepless nights and worry coupled with anger. Proof of my anger were some blog entries which I chose to keep. They will be my teachers when a brewing war comes along. We really don't know when my craziness strikes.

We sort of celebrated our moment of peace last Tuesday. I did not report for work that day because seeing him might only aggravate my, oh well, anger. I truly need to enroll in an anger management class. So, when we thought that pride must be set aside and that love and affection must prevail more than anything else, we agreed to meet. It's a date.

Hey, we're here to eat, by the way, and not to take silly pictures.

Superbowl of China bestsellers: Yang chow rice, seafood chopsuey, crispy chicken with I-forgot-what-sauce & complimentary prawn crackers... Yummy!

Without doubt, my hat's off to whoever said the classic line "make love, not war".  That's all for our belated, cheesy seventh monthsary.

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