Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Rest Will Remain Unwritten

You'd know you're bored by simply recalling the older and the oldest posts of blogspot. I'm guilty of this right now.

In addition to being bored, I'm thinking of scheduled activities this weekend and how in the world will I'm going to fit all of them this coming weekend.

First off, my boyfriend will go condo-tripping on Saturday afternoon. According to him, my opinion does matter so I'll go with him. Probable sites will be in Mindanao Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue because those locations still offer condo deals below 1M. Finding your own spot in the metro isn't cheap.

Second, a college friend will have her bridal shower on Saturday night. I'm one of the chosen few who witnessed how her love story began within the walls of Intramuros. I'm still contemplating whether to attend or not. Some of our old college friends have not yet confirmed their attendance, so I really don't know. It will be sort of a reunion since the couple are based in Shanghai.

Third, a law school buddy has been constantly pleading me to go somewhere in the South this weekend. I think I'm very much excited with this one. I can still remember our single, carefree days where nothing else mattered but our childlike happiness. But some things have changed. I'm now in a relationship and I have to think twice in bringing him. One thing I don't want anyone to feel is the feeling of being "OP". Or maybe, I'm just way too pessimistic about this.

Lastly, another law school friend (a fellow Fing Ting also) is pretty much anxious to have another girl bonding this weekend. Plus, it's her birthday this Saturday.

Oh, the rest will remain unwritten. Selective rambling alert's on. 

Good Lordie, Thy will be done.

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