Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kitkat Entry

Luckily, I'm on a break from browsing the laws of the Land of Enchantment. A couple more days of browsing and all rusty hinges of the door to enlightenment will be devoid of squeaky noise. Squeak, squeak, squeak.

I could feel the throbbing of a potential migraine right now. Rapid browsing and too much flourescent light are the key contributors of this annoying headache. Argh.

However, common sense dictates to me that I should not be complaining. Porquoi? C'est simple, messieurs et mesdemoiselles. I'm one of the lucky underbars who have jobs.

For two weeks now, my inbox has been flooded with job-related queries from my law school friends. Although my boredom in the corporate world sometimes plagued me until midnight, I should be thankful. In fact, this simple albeit precious blogspot was born out of boredom. Merci beaucoup, Netopia.

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