Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm No Saint

Caveat: Written in state of fury with the eerie silence of the hour past midnight.

One of the most essential things I have learned in life is to honor thy word. I'm not talking about the divine word here since "thy" apparently is not in upper case.

For the sake of logical order of things and in the hope of getting my point, let me re-stress my point.

If I tell a person that I don't like a certain res*, I don't expect that person to agree with me or take my side. But if you see me not 100% happy with it, then deal with it. I hate pretending I'm happy and I hate it when a person forces me to be happy when I'm not. I appreciate the effort but, no, thank you. My problem? Yes. Your problem? No.

So if that person noticed that I'm unhappy, the natural course of universe comes into play. The person will now join my very own state of unhappiness regarding such res. Reason for joining? I'd like to think it's a sign of loyalty. Pure loyalty, not half-hearted. Days, weeks, months passed by and, unfortunately, my exclusive state still didn't change. My problem? Yes. Your problem? Now I think it's yes.

The days, weeks and months I'm talking about were filled with pledges. A pledge is a pledge. A promise is a promise. So when a person promised me exactly what I wanted, I will be undeniably in high spirits. Who wouldn't be?   Loyalty is bliss. I'm fiercely loyal.

And here's the crucial point. Don't give me the classic lame excuse that promises are meant to be broken. I don't buy that. Either you tell me the truth that you don't agree with my dislike for that certain res or let's play the game of hard feelings.

If a person gave me his/her word, I expect him/her to honor thy word. I can only tolerate minor yet unguarded violations of the promise. When I say "minor yet unguarded", it means three strikes ONLY. Uno, dos, tres. I can be forgiving to a certain level only. If more than that, then deal with my fury. News flash: Three strikes already! Didn't I warn you before that I'm no saint? Didn't I tell you I'm a living example of "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"? 

Red alert: I'm now H-E-double-hockey-sticks serious with fury.

*Go figure.

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