Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Amelioration of Goya Choclits Part 1

I feel that I am entering a phase in my life where I want to rewind the life I had. A big part of this rewind will probably come from childhood, a stage where candies and chocolates are more than enough to cheer me up. Life then was so uncomplicated I'm tempted to go back.

So while on my way home, I made a quick stopover at Mercury Drug and found the kiddie treats I used to enjoy. Yey Goya! Back when M & M's chocolates were a little bit expensive for daily consumption, Goya was there.

In high school, it was a running joke that if someone courts you and gives you Goya chocolates, the logical thing to do is to dump him instantly. Well, I'm guilty of belittling Goya then. I even stopped buying and eating it because my taste buds worshipped the taste of imported chocolates. Plus, the forex rate was $1=Php 25 in Clark Duty Free shops back then.

I'm impressed that Goya chocolates are becoming competitive similar to the modern Pinoy. The packaging and variety of flavors reminds me of Swiss chocolates such as Cadbury. Seeing these kiddie treats in Mercury Drug shelves was very nostalgic.

As seen from above, the Goya bar varieties are: Raisins in Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Raisins and Nuts in Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Cream White Chocolate and Krispy Krunch: Milk Chocolate with Crisped Rice.

I immediately gobbled up the Cream White Chocolate and it was really good. I could easily mistake it for Toblerone white chocolate were it not for its wrapper and, of course, the shape.

There's Goya in a box too. It's labeled as Black & White: Dark & White Chocolate. For one sec, I got confused with that. Hahaha! I also found two varieties of Goya ChocoMax: white chocolate coated vanilla filled chocolate wafer sandwich and milk chocolate coated chocolate filled chocolate wafer sandwich. That's Goya tongue twister for you.

I look forward to more Goya varieties. Yep, still on rewind button.

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