Sunday, January 3, 2010

Renewed Faith in the Feast of the Epiphany

Happy Three Kings!*

I remember that one of my goals for 2010 is to renew my relationship with the Almighty. I ought to be punished for not hearing mass on New Year's Eve. My fear of being wounded by firecracker-totting and drunk revelers in the middle of the street while going to church is the culprit. Oh God, when would firecracker zones be clearly established?

So the boyfriend and I went to Monasterio de Sta. Clara in Katipunan Avenue for Three Kings celebration. I was hardly awake during mass since I was deprived of a deep slumber the past few days. Blame my Patterson mania. The boyfriend revealed that everytime he hears mass at Sta. Clara, something good happens to him. I long to experience that also.

Just want to share some pics from Monasterio de Sta. Clara.

 The altar

A curious shot, that's all. My father's only sister used to be part of the Poor Clare Monastery in Cebu.

St. Clare

I'm slowly making my way to renewed faith, but I'm finding that praying for something big just isn't as fun and exciting anymore the second time around. There's an invisible pop-up which says, "Here we go again!" (nervous laugh)

I hope to discuss my state of renewed faith in a more meaningful manner next time.

* Got this from Wikipedia:
In the Philippines, the Christmas season traditionally ends on this day, known colloquially as "Three Kings" or "Tres Reyes" (Filipino:Tatlong Hari). Filipino children also leave their shoes out, so that the Kings would leave behind gifts like candy or money inside. Most others on this day simply greet one another with the phrase "Happy Three Kings!". In some locales, there is the practice of having three men, dressed as the Tatlong Hari, ride around on horseback, distributing trinkets and candy to the children of the area. The collective name for the group is immortalised as the Filipino surname Tatlonghari, and the Spanish name for the day has survived to the present in masculine given name Epifanio (e.g. Epifanio de los Santos).

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