Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Roscas of Barugo, Leyte

Just so you know, my boyfriend flew back to Manila just in time for New Year's Day celebration. My foodie self requested for binagol, a local delicacy from his province Leyte, as I haven't tasted it yet. Anyway, in lieu of binagol or he simply doesn't want me to be irked or maybe both, he brought some roscas.

According to my boyfriend, roscas is a butter cookie (obviously, dear) which is native to Barugo, the town where he grew up. He also told me that baking roscas requires technique as the baker will have to separate the U-shaped (reverse version, that is) cookie dough while the same is still half-baked. Once parted, the cookies will then look like question marks, especially the right part. However, I think it looks more like a comma. Whatcha think?  

There are two things worth remembering of Barugo's wonder cookie: first, its unique shape and, second, the fact that tuba (a local palm wine) is one of its ingredients.

And I can only hope that the person who introduced me to this will be proud.

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Ariel said...

Next time around, I should buy all those sweet delights of Barugo.