Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Midnight Madness

Before I sleep, I badly need to speak out against the nonsense wastage of time. Why so? It's totally ruining my immediate goals for this year. I want to unleash the metal tiger in me. Check this out: monkey + tiger = monger. Good Lord, I'm horrified.

Imagine this, I spend at least nine hours in the office everyday doing, Mon Dieu, nothing. I kid you not! I'm paid to stick my ass in a swivel chair for nine hours and some minutes. I'd be willing to bet that most people's total hours of net surfing will pale in comparison next to mine. At least, for almost three months now.

And here I am, utterly restless and desperately wanting some change. A glimmer of hope briefly flashed through my eyelids just now, but unfortunately it was so brief I barely noticed the details. Sigh. Now, I wish I have a crystal ball to help predict my future. Predictability is sometimes oddly satisfying, don't you think?

So here's the catch: I'm ready, 2010!

I have to say this out loud so all my body systems will be in sync and ready too. My mind is ready but my sleep-deprived body is not. Flabs, please cooperate now.

I swore to myself that my positivity will never run out of stock for it fuels my dreams. A liter of liquid positivity will take me miles and miles. Wow.

Apparently, I'm making sense even though I'm speaking out through a cluttered mind. Good  night.

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