Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Amelioration of Goya Choclits Part 2

I still can't get enough of Goya chocolates. This chocoholic entry came to light from reminiscing my childhood. Yes, the rewind button's still switched on.

So behold my Goya chocolate discoveries for today.

Look, three more Goya bars for the child in me! They are Almonds in Milk Chocolate, Cookies & Cream and Krispy Krunch: Dark Chocolate with Crisped Rice.

Apparently, Splendor is a major category of Goya chocolates and I found three varieties of Splendor: Crushed Almonds in Dark Chocolate, Crushed Almonds in Milk Chocolate and Crushed Almonds in Cream White Chocolate. Oh, this makes me think that Goya is a many-Splendored chocolate. Hahaha!

I call this as Goya-standing-proud pose. Goya Dark: Whole Almonds Covered in Dark Chocolate (left), Goya White: Whole Almonds Covered in White Chocolate (center) and Goya Nuggets: Milk Chocolate (right).

These two are my instant favorites among all the Goya chocolates I discovered today. Both Goya Raisins (covered with milk chocolate) and Crispy Chocs (crunchy rice crispies in milk chocolate) are miraculously good.

I'm still looking forward to more varieties. Re-discovering Goya is like hitting two birds with one stone: first, mission accomplished for life in rewind and, second, instant happiness! Yey Goya!

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