Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 9: Double Up!

January 9 is the ninth day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.  Also, as far as the Pinoy Catholics are concerned, the Feast of the Black Nazarene takes place every year on January 9. But for our family's 2010 calendar, it's a double celebration.

Welcome to the wacky Christian world! 

First, my eight-year-old nephew Dave was baptized at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Scout Ybardolaza. I stood as the principal ninang (godmother), the boyfriend as the principal ninong (godfather) and my two brothers as godfathers too. 

Dave had a little pep talk with the priest before the baptism rites. The boyfriend and I were amused with the foreign priest who speaks Tagalog so fluently. See below.

Father & child

In his homily, Father said that the baptism was very timely because tomorrow (January 10) is the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.*

This should've been a solemn moment but, look, I just couldn't hide my amusement. Joint forces... Hahaha!

The Godfather Trilogy + Daddy + Auntie Ninang

Second, today is my beloved Papa's 56th birthday. As always, I wish Papa good health and more blessings. 

My "donation" to the salo-salo: Yummy Estrel's caramel cake

Happy burp-day indeed!

I hurriedly took this pic, hence blurred.

We've grown up with... the wisdom of your words, the cheerfulness of your laughter, the strength of your mind & the warmth of your love.Thank you for all that you've been. You've inspired the best in us. 
HA-HA-HAPPY 56th BIRTHDAY, PAPA! Good health as always!

*The Baptism of the Lord (or the Baptism of Christ) is the feast day commemorating the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River by John the Baptist.

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