Monday, January 4, 2010

One foggy morning

I'm back to foggy Netopia today.

My reliable swivel chair now accomodates my ass as I do swings every so often. A clear sign of restlessness or a comfort reflex, whatever.

When I look at the window glass, the whole metro is covered in fog. Or is it smog? I barely know the actual difference. What the heck lies beyond the skycrapers? When mindless thoughts spurt out of nowhere, my adrenaline comes a-racing. Snapshots of my dreams seem to flash through my mind, swirling faster as they get nearer to my eyes. I hope they won't blind me though.

I intend to kill my stagnant state soon. This lull, more of a dilatory tactic really, is killing me. I don't want to stay under this fog forever. I want to escape this as soon as I have the power and means to do so. I want to escape just because... Okay, I'll stop in mid-sentence so as not to jeopardize the unthinkable.

I am not blaming the fog, but blogging surely helps me see through the fog.

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