Friday, January 22, 2010

The Amelioration of Goya Choclits Part 3

I discovered more Goya varieties today, so allow me to holler once more: Yey Goya! Upon seeing these choco treats on the shelves of Rustan's Supermarket in Gateway Mall, I could feel myself being transformed to a grade schooler, wide-eyed with happiness. This may be surprising to some people but, right there and then, hoarding of Goya immediately followed.

Here are the Goya varieties I found today:

Goya Fun Factory varieties: Chocolate Coins (milk chocolate), Silver Cup (milk chocolate) and Golden Crown (milk chocolate with rice crispies)

Box types: Orange Peel (dark chocolate with orange peel) and Dark Mint (dark chocolate with mint)

O'Nuts varieties: Almonds & Crispy Wafer in Goya chocolate and Almonds & Crispy Wafer in Goya dark chocolate

Goya Dark on White Almonds (whole almonds covered in white & dark chocolate) and Goya Nuggets (cream white chocolate)

Goya Almonds & Raisins (covered in milk chocolate) and Crispy Chocs Mint (crunchy rice crispies in mint flavored dark chocolate)

And these two really piqued my interest: Goya Seashells with praline filling and Dark Seashells with dark chocolate filling. These seemingly high-end types of Goya are made in Belgium. Truly, this is the amelioration of Goya chocolates!

As always, I look forward to more Goya chocolate varieties. 

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