Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back to Reality

After almost three months of hibernation and unlimited net surfing, our five-member team* in fictional Netopia finally felt the initial rush of work responsibility.

Since yesterday**, we are obliged to attend live meetings until January 29 for some training. However, the trainors and the trainees (that would be us*) are on different time zones, so we have to adjust. Memories of my Old Dominion experience are good enough to go hand in hand with my dedication to work. I hope so.

The sepia theme was on purpose. Really, I suddenly felt so Ice Age viewing the Makati skyline. Up until now, I still couldn't believe I'm a corporate refugee for a year. I ain't complaining though.

And the Oscar goes to...

Fellow corporate refugee finds it hard to stay candid. Hahaha!

Hello... Good morning... We're fine... No questions.. Thank you... Bye..

All things considered,  I have to kiss my fling*** goodbye. It's back to reality.

*assigned to diligently browse the laws passed by the Land of Enchantment
**It's officially Wednesday as I write.

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