Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Netopiac!*

Today, I celebrate my one year as a corporate refugee.

Before I go home tonight, I just want to make a tribute to an important milestone in my Netopia* career. Hence, this post.

On the same day last year, I signed a contract with the company. I remember I was very happy then. It ended my domesticated life. I felt the comforting breeze of freedom wafting through my wan face after three weeks of hibernation. Prior to my sorry state of hibernation, I worked as a legal researcher in a law firm. It was a pretty challenging job and I've learned many life's lessons from that short stint.

It's worth telling that fate has brought me here.

*unlimited surfing takes place here just like in a popular computer shop in the metro where I borrowed this name... What can I say? I'm a Netopiac.

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