Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend at TriNoMa

My sister-in-law Sheryl gave us three (3) movie passes for Jackie Chan's newest comedy film The Spy Next Door. So I tagged along my sister Nikki and nephew Dave to Trinoma to watch the film. That quite saved me some bucks for some weekend movie. Thank God for Citibank freebies!

Jackie Chan never failed to make me laugh since time immemorial. Yep, it's slapstick humor but a martial arts comedy movie generally lives on the corniest execution of stunts. Overall, the film was a wholesome material for the family, similar to The Pacifier.

After the movie, we tried The White Hat Italian frozen yogurt for the first time. In all fairness, it was  refreshingly good, despite Dave's constant pleading to go to Time Zone. The kid can be so persistently annoying in a good way.

Create Your Own HAT: Regular with strawberry preserves & green tea flavored yogurt with kiwi

Dave, simply bored

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