Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Morning Talk

Fact: I associate anything with anything hovering in my memory bank.
Myth: I don't like it.
Concrete example: On board a bus going to fictional Netopia.

So what comprises the "anything" on the fact premise? Three stand-outs this time.
  1. The checkered bus curtain which reminds me of the school uniform of City High School in the City of Golden Friendship. It seems that all the alumnae donated all their ancient skirts to this bus company. I'm not complaining but I find it amusing. The school's just beside my prestigious (oh yeah) learning center (City Central School) which taught me the ABCs of life.
  2. The icky familiar scent of a generic bus. Ew, it really gives me an instant migraine. A very clear albeit imagined shot of a "biyahilo" sufferer throwing up in my shoulder frightens me. Blame that memorable FX ride in college when a toddler threw up at a Escolarian colegiala's shoulder and I happened to be seated right beside that poor girl. Paranoia, dear.
  3. The bus conductor who's a deadringer for Jojo Veloso, a controversial pimp of a manager wayyyy back. He managed one of my all-time eye candies, Matt Mendoza. Hahaha!

I do bank in my memory. Occasional bouts of amnesia, funny or weird, mysterious or plain blah, I don't care.

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