Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rafael Dave's 9th Birthday

Who would have thought that the little boy who brought instant joy to our family a few months ago just turned nine? Does this mean I'm already borderline in the birthing of a bundle of joy vis-a-vis mandatory age for prepping up a bun in the human oven? Beats me. All I know is, the little boy sprung from my brother Ivan who is two years younger (whew) than I am. And the little boy is fondly called "batang attorney" by my folks due to his opinionated character.

A late call to Estrel's Caramel Cake proved to be a blessing. They were fully booked and I have to find a child-friendly cake under time pressure. Two hours away from the birthday lunch made me decide to enter Red Ribbon. Tiramisu Meltdown didn't disappoint us. It was too good and the kid loved it to the last smudge of icing.

Photo courtesy: BF. Gracias!

Gracias to Ang Tunay na Pansit Malabon (Timog branch) and CCME Homemade Stuff (Dr. Lazcano corner Tomas Morato Streets). And thanks to our ref in which our favorite fruit salad sought shelter.
Happy, happy birthday to our future pilot!

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