Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Way Forward Is With A Broken Heart

*scratches head* 

Just what the title says, and I apologize for the incoherence that will follow. And so I have my bad days. Today is one of them. Everyone does, and other people have behaved far worse.

I ate my large lasagna serving at Greenwich alone, and I almost flirted with a cute yuppie to my left who was alone too. Oh well, it's normal. 

As if the cheesy lasagna didn't meet my daily cheese requirement, I bought some outrageously cheesy cheese curls from 7-11. I felt guilty with all the junk I'm putting into my body lately so I also bought pineapple juice to detox. I hurriedly munch the curls like someone's going to grab my bag of junk. 

Then I learned in the course of my Googling that my former 1st year high school classmate who recently topped the nursing board previously worked as a Japanese interpreter at the NAIA. Cool. Bogging, as we fondly call her, certainly inspired me. I quickly remember that we have two common interests back then: first, we are members of the Sweet Valley High exclusive classroom reading club and, second, we are MJ fans. In one of our weekend gatherings at her house, we would jump up and down watching MJ videos. Then I fell asleep while Natasha Bedingfield shouted lyrics to my ears.

Anyway, two things I want to ramble on in the daily routine called going home:
  1. Do not go home between 6 to 7 p.m. Traffic in the CBD of this godforsaken country is sooooo frustrating, time-wasting, *insert another negative adjective*. Lesson learned. And what was I thinking? I rode the bus instead of the choo choo train. I logged out around 6 p.m. and arrived in Cube-aw at 7:40 p.m. Going home sometimes really sucks.
  2. Not convinced to go home just yet, I went to Booksale. Hey, I found a copy of The Color Purple, a famous novel by Alice Walker many years ago. The novel, which had been converted to film and Broadway musical already, talks of colored people. Wait, I detect a trend here. The last novel I've read (Sue Monk Kidd's The Secret Life of Bees) also involved colored people. I've always admired themes like finding one's worth amid life's challenges. I mean, who doesn't?


Oh, the title. Too hot for a topic and I'm too lazy to mull about it.

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Dondon said...

Broken heart ka pala ha? It seems you're enjoying it.