Thursday, February 11, 2010

All About October 13

I got this interesting information about my birthday from a random book in Booksale. The title of the book escaped me though.

Color: Turquoise
Number: 4, 13, 22
Stone: Turquoise - a stone sacred to Native Americans, used for protection
Flora: Pussy Willow
Animal: Iguana
Occupation: Company founder, politician, bouncer
Key features: Fierce, tenacious, powerful, naturally good at taking the upper hand when others show weakness

Character: You can be likened to polished steel, shiny, hard, and never rusty! You have a strength and power that are awesome and a little dangerous, but if you are one of the very few who are not in touch with their power you may feel totally victimized. You don't mess around, and with sheer gall and grit always rise to the top of the heap.

Life: You can be too single-minded and focused. When you are set on some goal or battle you forget about not only your own emotional well-being of those around you. You can transcend this and discover the way of the peaceful warrior if you try. Open your heart to gentleness.

Love: You crave security but once you have it, you tend to take your partner for granted or see them merely as extension of yourself. When you are in a casual relationship or chasing someone, you are much more loving and giving. An Aquarius, whose ruling planet, Uranus, is also your birth date ruler, would be very good for you.

Best present: Bubble-making machine, rose-quartz heart pendant.

Birthday share: 1925 Lenny Bruce, comedian, and Margaret Thatcher, former prime minister of Britain; 1941 Paul Simon, singer; 1959 Marie Osmond, singer.

On this day: In 1992, the pyramids, the Sphinx, and other monuments survived an earthquake in Cairo that killed at least 400 people and injured more than 4,000.

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