Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Meme Express: Pacman's Vitwater Line

Every Tuesday, The Daily Meme suggests the readers to write a thought provoking meme in honor of the Meme express. On my way to work, I chanced upon a thought-provoking albeit amusing line of our Pambansang Kamao in his Vitwater billboard. Funny, right?

Vitwater and I share a somewhat memorable moment. You know, Vitwater was part of my four (4) Sunday kits last September 2008. Despite the fact that its color made me hesitant to go "bottom's up", I willingly brought a bottle to face the biggest mental battle in my life. So that's the amusing part. And now let's tackle the thought-provoking part. For a few enchanting seconds, I became challenged. With Pacman's face plastered on it and some parallelism*, I think this is part of my baby steps to box** all the imaginary demons along my way and pursue my dream. 

*I dunno what it is really. Peace!
**With the right attitude serving as my gloves

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