Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nancy Drew: America's Favorite Sleuth & Mine Too!

If there's one thing I'm candidly pleased about my younger years, then it's my being a big Nancy Drew fan. Oh yes, I have read all the 56 volumes of  The Nancy Drew Mysteries Classic Hardcover Series - from The Secret of the Old Clock to The Thirteenth Pearl. I started sometime in Grade 4, patiently asking the school librarian when will the next hardcover be available. I was that persistent to ask and wait back then. When I reached sophomore high, I checked off all the titles in the list! Then the Nancy Drew Case Files paperbacks became more popular.

 As a pre-teen, I looked up to Nancy Drew as my role model. This daring heroine is ever brave in every face of danger and unafraid to be both feminine and smart. And now, I find this very nostalgic to write an entry about my favorite sleuth. When I was looking for some worthy reads in Booksale, I found this book and bought the same off the bat. The illustrations of the book and the sprinkles of  trivia throughout were more than enough to bring me back to the childhood days spent reading Nancy books.

I dreamed about this so many times, knowing in the back of my mind that I would probably never actually make a big deal out of it, because the great value of being a bookworm instilled in me by my mother pulses through me too prominently. With this, I thank Nancy Drew for all the values she had managed to instill in my young mind back then, save for my very own blunders. LOL!

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