Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kooky & Luscious

(N.B. This is a long overdue post. Due to a cold war and the fact that photos were captured by a mobile phone belonging to the axis powers made this blog post late. Pardonez moi. ~ The Authoress)

Last January 18, fresh from our four-day sojourn in Cebu, I missed eating pasta. Good thing my boyfriend* also missed his all-time favorite pochero. Without further ado, we went to Kooky & Luscious at Metrocard Building along Ayala Avenue.

A well-loved fellow corporate refugee introduced this cozy food spot in the heart of Makati. I remember very well (it's not that distant past, yu know**) that my boyfriend used to treat me to lunch here after his court hearings.

Here are my stomach fillers:

 Mushroom bacon cream pasta (Php 150) 

 Maling*** & egg sandwhich (Php 50).

 My boyfriend had pochero**** (Php 150), of course.

A trip to Kooky & Luscious won't be complete without the sinful dementia (Php 130/slice)

*Due to insistent demands of my boyfriend, I had to change "the boyfriend" to "my boyfriend". It's much more meaningful. If you've been observant, I always tag him as "the boyfriend" in previous posts. And if you've been extra observant, he was "God's gift" or "GG" in some earlier posts. Peace be with you, MY BOYFRIEND.
**I'm just glad that Pacman will finally, finally be in the spotlight again on March 13. I hope future opponents of  the Pound-for-pound King won't do a Mayweather. Click here for full details. Yey!  
***A famous brand of luncheon meat which I often associated with my younger years. It was rumored to be made of carcass. MaLing (as shown in the can label) continues to be my favorite next to Spam.
****It's served with brown rice. Perfect for health-conscious people.

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