Sunday, February 7, 2010

Whipping Up Pinoy Spaghetti on a Hot, Hot Sunday!

One of my favorite things about being home on a lazy weekend is whipping up one of my favorite dishes in my twentysomething life --- spaghetti! I prefer, however, the Pinoy version with hotdogs and the sweet style sauce. In addition to that, I'd like the kitchen goddess in me to slowly come out of her shell. I used to be a kitchen disaster. I burnt several meatballs, pork chops and scrambled eggs in the past, but practice makes perfect, so goes the cliche.

I so recognize my old self in dishes-gone-bad scenes in the movies and soaps, but I have long since stopped caring about what other people (including my boyfriend) think about my kitchen prowess. I mean what is this, impress your man thingie? Wow. But hey, if it makes kitchen snobs feel superior to label kitchen newbies as simpletons, then whatever, man --- LoOk Im A HuGe sPaGhETti FaN aNd I cAnT SpeLL. Or CoOk. LOL!

Behold the pics we took while whipping up Pinoy spaghetti on a hot, hot Sunday. Summer's already creeping in nowadays.

My boyfriend cooked the spaghetti noodles so perfectly...

... I crowned him the... 

Oh no, this is true to life. No drama, I assure you. From garlic, onions, bell peppers and hotdogs... Hey, where's my crown?

 The fragrant and garlicky Gardenia toast...

This is the only shot I managed to take at our joint creation. I know it won't pass the aesthetic department of any culinary arts school but we love our own. It tastes better than it looks. LOL!

Looking forward to another kitchen test.

To the four corners of our kitchen... I am, now and always, majorly yours.

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