Saturday, February 6, 2010

Urban Dictionary Just Made My Day... LOL!

Sheer curiosity made me do this and the spirit of vanity whispered to me as well. I remember I used to browse this cool wordkeeper when I was working my butt off in a law firm in 2008. The giveaway pressure and tension (all because my boss was so, uhm, bossy, to put it mildly) prompted me to search the random definitions of words as my icebreaker. I never thought, however, to search for my own name. And for now, Urban Dictionary just made my day, fellas

1. Whoever submitted this entry to Urban Dic deserves a hug and a kiss from me. I owe you one! You're also unreal, buddy! And because of this, I forgive you for some minor lapses (e.g. lack of apostrophe and the misspelled "dam". Oh damn!) in your entry.


2.  See # 1 for similarity of my thoughts on this.

3.  A big Whoa! I think this honor of having my name defined so erotically goes to none other than... I'll keep you posted. LOL!

4. Creepy silence. This is NOT me except for sweet and smart. Thank you.

Now go Urban Dic your name!

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