Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Saving My Bubble

I sense it that my bubble wants to burst. I'm the one and only savior of my own bubble. I have to do something.

Time's running out already. And I don't have sufficient patience for a whiny bubble. I've reached my boiling point and I've no plans to stay at the mythical point more than a minute, even a second. Staying will only burst my bubble. I could see the many pricks multiplying in the wind and they want to prick my bubble any chance from now.  I fear that. I fear that all the contents of my bubble will be scattered to the wind and be gone forever. I'm afraid that I will not have the energy to save my bubble in the wind. Time's running out so I better move fast. I have to guard my bubble.

I checked my logview and I don't have the luxury of time. Well, not a problem. My bubble's well-being is more important than others. I have to seek refuge somewhere to protect it. And somewhere might be the only place where my bubble will get an additional layer of protection.

Get lost, mighty wind! Don't you get near my bubble, not even a micro inch.

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