Tuesday, February 2, 2010

EDSA billboards

Surprisingly enough, I've been entertained by EDSA billboards.

There's something about those billboards that make me crane my neck and stare at them for a while. True, a lot of them are simply eye-catching. Some are funny that I get tickled inside. Some are downright serious or simply informative and educational. Some made me wonder how many smirks or smiles did those giant billboards receive from commuters. Some possibly received praises and undue criticisms especially those with gorgeous faces and bodies of celebrities plastered on them. And a heck of reactions probably which I don't want to focus on as I feel it's not my business anymore.

On my way to Netopia, the following were captured by my memory card despite my semi-slumber mode:
  1. "Topsilog" sign a couple of streets from EDSA Crossing. Whoa, new Pinoy food? I was tickled pink by that.
  2. "Feel ko ang pinagdadaanan mo" political billboard of senatoriable Raul Lambino. I literally froze and mentally said, "What did the ad say?" Kudos to him for such an unforgettable one-liner but no, siree, you won't gain a vote from me.
  3. Ascof Lagundi ponkan flavored cough syrup billboard. Images of Mang Kepweng, the most famous albularyo (quack doctor), and Manny Villar sprung to my mind. I'd say that it's commercialism at its best.
  4. Technomarine's "The Wil To Stay On Top" billboard with TV host Willie Revillame. I understand that the cruise watch is being associated with the TV host since the latter owns a luxurious yacht. Words such as "yacht" and "cruise" can truly attract a girl's attention in his social range, but I doubt if the text lingo style of his name can. Hmmm, what do you think?

In all cases, I guess it's part of the EDSA charm. My morning bus rides won't be complete without seeing them. Can you imagine? My EDSA travel experience went up a notch, or even ten. Entertain me more, giants!


Anonymous said...

hello! i know atty. lambino personally thanks to my staunch support for gibo teodoro's presidency. i understand your apprehension but rest assured he will do good things while in the senate (and for the country). i will make my long overdue blog post about why i am voting for atty. lambino asap. i will make sure you get to read it. hehehe.

Aaron Benedict De Leon said...

Hi, this is some of the plans of Atty Raul Lambino if given the opportunity to become a Senator. Hope you take time to read it, before passing judgment on the guy. Thanks


Jazzy Jaz said...

@ wagnalang: I only get to know him via the landmark case Lambino v. COMELEC. And, kidding aside, I even thought that he was related to Tony Lambino, a former member of Ryan Cayabyab's Smokey Mountain. Hehehe. Seriously, make sure I can read your blog post re Atty. Lambino. It might change my views of Pinoy politics. TY.