Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cheap Thrills in Life Series: Red Ribbon's Chocolate Heaven

First and foremost, I thank my BF for giving me this surprise treat on a Sunday lunch. Sunday lunch means eating home-cooked meals with people with whom I share the same genes. Everytime I ride the metro's only answer to speedy travel (read: MRT), I salivate at the sight of Red Ribbon's billboard showing its newest cake - Chocolate Heaven - near Robinson's Galleria Ortigas. I guess I raved too much about this cake so much so that my BF surprised me with it.

Just to complete my entry, I quoted below a quick info about Chocolate Heaven.

The new Chocolate Heaven promises a taste of heaven with its combination of four kinds of chocolate goodness. It is made with a layer of creamy chocolate mousse on a bed of moist fudgy brownie, enrobed with rich chocolate icing and topped with a generous serving of chocolate curls. This combination of chocolate brownie, chocolate mousse, chocolate icing and chocolate curls makes it Red Ribbon’s most chocolate-full and most yummy-full.
 Life's great!

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