Friday, February 12, 2010

Word Wrap a.k.a. Lunatic Charm

So some words kept on running to and fro my eyes. They came from various sources on my left, my right, above - everywhere. And then I thought it's better to compile the same and make a poem. This time it's very stream of consciousness, first-drafty type writing. There are times I feel all these mysterious words and have all these confusing thoughts bouncing around inside my brain, and the only way I can think to relieve myself is to jam it all out through my fingers. And click. Sort of like creative Tourette's or something. Whatevah.*

Pop goes the weasel on
The mermaid chair
Sent items made an exit;
ViewSonic them and
Return to list of posts.

Mickey Mouse,
save now!
Ready, coach!
Miranda warnings?
Restart later.

Required workhours per day,
Streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, public grounds,

Is this correct?
My account?

Search favorites;
Reply to all;
Type a contact to find
For follow up
Large mail, unread mail, junk E-mail,

Snag it!
By category,
By company,
By follow-up flag.

Briefing stopped;
Open a shared calendar;
Meet now
For kids.

Motion to extend time.
Show time as: Free.
Post options.
(We) I value what you think.

*I cannot believe I wrote this. Incomprehensible? No. I call this as lunatic charm. Hahaha!

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