Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spaghetti Factory at Glorietta 5

(N.B. This is a long overdue post. Due to a cold war and the fact that the photos were captured by a mobile phone belonging to the axis powers made this blog post late. Pardonez moi. ~ The Authoress)

I dig Italian food.

Last January 13, we dined at Spaghetti Factory after strolling at the seemingly new Glorietta 5. We discovered this Italian resto a few months back and we found out that prices are relatively cheaper than Sbarro's.

One note-worthy thing about this resto is their pasta directory.  Below is an excerpt from their website.

"A. SPAGHETTI stringed pasta
B. SPAGHETTINI fine pasta
C. CAPELLINI angel hair
D. LINGUINE little tounges
E. FETTUCINE little ribbon
F. FUSILLI long hallow twist
G. PENNE short tubes
H. FARFALLE butterflies"
That's a quick lesson on Pasta 101 for you, buddy.
I ordered cream-based sauce alfredo in penne noodles. According to their menu, it's a creamy & classy bestseller and it really is. 

On the other hand, the boyfriend picked the something fishy red seafood in linguine noodles. The menu described it as "seafood in tomato sauce, our No.1." I have yet to find that out, on my own. 

Oh, before I forget, it's worth telling that their focaccia bread is not that good. I strongly think that it's a reheated slice of a week-old monay bread found in a neighborhood bakeshop. The menu also says that their pastas are served with "freshly grated parmesan cheese". Yes, the cheese was grated in front of us but maybe, they should try grating a few more seconds. The grating stopped in the twinkling of an eye. No hint of cheese as I ate. Invisible cheese, almost.

I had to remind myself that I should not expect much for Php 159. Tsk.

Here goes my second "Tsk" moment. I ordered mango juice with my pasta and I was a tiny bit disappointed when it meant a Del Monte mango juice in can. So much so for Php 45. Nevertheless, I call it as substantial compliance.

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