Friday, August 13, 2010

Sweet Friday The 13th

Fact: The mere mention of Friday the 13th alarms the scaredy cat in me.

I, however, chose to conquer that gnawing fear by strolling in the mall. Odd, you think? I guess it's my only way to kill boredom on a Friday afternoon sans the BF, who plays a very busy role nowadays in his own niche. Luckily, today was the start of the Glorietta Midnight Madness Sale and that was more than enough to pump up the mall rat in me. Bye scaredy cat, hello mall rat! 

Almost an hour of boutique-hopping and window shopping, I still couldn't find anything worth my hard-earned money. *rolls eyes* So I moved on to search for - what else - food! To be specific, something sweet! 

Frostings cupcakes: dulce de leche (Php 55) and brazo de mercedes (Php 40)

I know, they are almost pretty as Sonja's but Frostings cupcakes are less expensive. 

The kid who loves yellow cupcakes

Bought a mini mix tray from Dulcinea. Mini mix has four mini cream puffs and chocolate eclairs. My verdict? I think Happy Cream Puff still holds the crown for having the most delish cream puff in the metro. My nephew Dave enjoyed it though. Well, anything sweet or chocolatey always makes him conclude it's the best he has ever tasted! I miss the simple tastes of childhood all of a sudden. 

Sweet tooth kiddo

So there, folks! It was indeed a sweet Friday the 13th for me. How about yours? :)

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