Monday, August 16, 2010

Salcedo Market, revisited

I enjoyed my first visit to Salcedo Market so much that I raved about it the whole week to my dear mother (a.k.a Ruby). Well, she believed me nonetheless that she tagged along with me and BF last Saturday. Maybe I was just plainly hungry during my first visit or I simply marveled at the fact that the market offers international cuisine unlike the Lung Center's weekend market. Heck, bottomline is, Ruby finally saw where her firstborn works - er, a few blocks away from Salcedo Market, that is.

Walk-a-thon to Jaime C. Velasquez Park where the market is. Smoke from grilled specialties is a tell-tale sign you've found the plethora of good food! Yum.

A charming Thai lady convinced us to try the different Thai salads and, after a few samples of each, we chose the pomelo salad! Mama loved the salad so much. If you ask me, I prefer Banana Leaf's version which is a mixture of all flavors - sweet, spicy, salty and surprisingly dry. The pomelo salad from Salcedo is watery (proof below).

Thai pomelo salad (Php 120)

Thai, Turkish, French and Indian food... It's truly a feast for the eyes! 

Refreshing dalandan juice (Php 40) 

I don't know if those dalandan slices did the trick in convincing us to try this drink the second time around. They look so summery and healthy!

Then we saw Margarita's famous paellas. I learned that Margarita is Margarita Fores of the Cibo empire and other upscale restos. Amazing.

Hungry now?

BF squeezing lime to his paella negra (Php 280)

Mama squeezing lime to her paella valenciana (Php 280)

Since I sat in between these paella eaters, I had the opportunity of tasting their orders whenever I want to. :)

Picolé healthy ice pops in lychee juice and red bean flavors (Php 35 each)

A Picolé kiosk can also be found at the LGF of SM Megamall. Affordable, healthy and not so sweet.  


BTW, I appointed myself as my own mother's paparazzi. Nice sideline for a weekend, eh? :)

Celebs spotted: Susan Callo-Medina of Travel Time fame doing a segment shoot (whatevs) and Gina de Venecia (more popularly known as Manay Gina) 

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