Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Favorite Pan de Sal Filling

Pan de sal (see Wikipedia entry) is a breakfast staple amongst the Filipinos. It's best when served with coffee during your rush hour moments in the morning or when you think you're already late after laboriously scouring your skin during bath time. Agree? In my case, however, I prefer cold coffee since I have sensitive teeth and I prefer pan de sal which are softer in texture. Although my family loves the toasted pan de sal (popularly known as "tostado" when you buy in neighborhood bakeries), I always make it to a point that my share (usually 2-3 pieces) aren't toasted dry. Best of all, I look forward to the available filling stored in the fridge for my pan de sal.

That said, I love pan de sal with peanut butter and grape jelly! The sweet peanut butter blends well with the lightly sweet & sour taste of concord grape jelly. I prefer spreading each side of the pan de sal with these two yummy fillings rather than using the single peanut butter and jelly combo filling like Smuckers Goober.

Two pan de sal variants: whole wheat malunggay and potato

How about you? What's your favorite pan de sal filling? :)

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