Sunday, August 29, 2010

Petit Puff by Happy Cream Puff

Out of boredom, I declared a self-imposed break from work one afternoon. Fortunately, the cloud cover seemed so friendly to me that moment that it did not drizzle. I was talking to BF on my mobile while walking mindlessly. Then I found myself at Paseo Center where my favorite cream puff  (a.k.a. profiterole) stall can be found. Without thinking twice, I bought a box of assorted petit puffs as pasalubong for my younger siblings and nephew.

Ten pieces of assorted petit puff (Php 180)

One petit puff costs Php 20, so you actually save Php 20 if you choose to buy the assorted pack which  has  ten petit puffs with different toppings. I personally saw how each petit puff was injected with the yummy custard cream before it was carefully placed in the box.

My favorites are caramel glazed with almond and black and white choco. I'm still looking forward to taste all the varieties of petit puff. I hope it's that easy to just pop one tiny sweet puff to your mouth without the consequent calorie buildup, huh? :)

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